Monday, March 19, 2012

Another old Gem............

This is the joys that running into my cheating ass ex brings.  Does that sound very Christian of me? No! It does not. Ahh it is so good to be alone!


  1. sorry you're feeling this funky tammy. try listening to music that matches the mood you'd rather be feeling and see if it helps at all. seems like music speaks to you a lot.

    be good to you.

  2. Terri
    Your cheer is bringing me way down. :) I just had to say that. I am totally messing with you. But, I won't listen to your advice. I will think about it though. Elton John says it best right? Sad songs say so much? Nah. You are right. Terri. I hate you for it. You know that I did not mean that right? I do hate my ex though. And I did mean that, unfortunately. I need prayer. Remember that. And I am not even playing.

  3. emotions love themselves, that's for sure. it takes a very deliberate act of will to choose music, behavior, body posture, etc that does not match your mood. but it's amazingly effective if you do it gently with a lot of love. the emotion might kick and scream like a two-year-old, but it will eventually burn itself out.

    i'm praying. i'm praying that god would clear a space in your heart for rest and gentleness and forgiveness because these are things that your soul is craving. (i know this because all souls need these things.)